Sri MahaRudra Yagna
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With divine blessings of His holiness, the Acharya of Sri Matam,

VEDA Sri Venkateswara Temple

is honored to host


for Loka kshemam on
23rd , 24th , 25th June 2023

We invite you and your family to participate and benefit

The chanting of Sri Maha Rudram involves 121 Rithviks who recite Rudram 1331 times, followed by 121 repetitions of Chamakam. Afterwards, the dasamsa Sri Rudra homam is conducted. This ritual is considered the most sacred and powerful of all Maha Yagnas, combining the worship of Shiva and other deities with a large-scale communal offering. It is a rare opportunity for individuals to participate in such a significant and meaningful ceremony, which aims to cleanse sins and alleviate afflictions while promoting peace, prosperity, and familial harmony.


Deepa/ Thiruvilakku Puja- June 23  friday 6:30 PM

As is always believed, to attain Shiva, the worship of Devi is a must.

In reverence of Devi, we have planned a Thiruvilakku/ Deepa Puja, on the evening of June 23rd at 6:30 PM. All Suvasinis are invited to participate in this auspicious ceremony. It's said that during the Deepa Puja, Devi manifests in her most benevolent form within the light of the lamp, showering blessings in abundance.

To ensure a seamless experience, VEDA Temple will provide all necessary items for the puja, including Deepam, a photo of the Goddess, and other essential items. To ensure adequate planning and logistics for this sacred event, we kindly ask you to register at your earliest convenience at .

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