Veda Vidyalaya Classes 2022-23
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VEDA is proud to offer VEDA Vidyalaya 2022-23 Shloka classes, starting Sunday,11 Sep 2022!

The goal is to share the knowledge and rich heritage from India. This program focuses on teaching Shlokas, Stories, Samskritam and Bhajans. Included are Online Quizlet fun lessons for Samskritam learning and hands-on class activities. All materials are provided and students will have ample opportunities to recite the slokha at temple events. One parent is required to be present during the class and ensure the safety of the children. Email if you have any questions.

First class on Sun, Sep 11, 2022 at 4:30 pm. Program runs the school year, Sep - June; Registration is for the full year and cannot be pro-rated or refunded.

One parent or adult supervising the child is required to be at the temple premises during class time. Regular attendance and parent support at home is required to attend the VEDA Vidyalaya program.

Location: Online / Inperson @ VEDA Temple, 7305 208th Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98053

Class Timings: Sundays, 4:20 -5:45 PM, follows LWSD Calendar.

Kids aged 4+; Adults welcome.

Registration per child: $175 per year for first child, $150 for siblings.

 Space is limited ! Register today ! 

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