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Name Description
Gurumurthy Venkataraman (Guru) c2e Gurumurthy Venkataraman is a board member since 2011
Kannan Iyer (Kannan) Kannan is a board member since 2011
SreePrakash Peringhat (Sree) c2e

In 2009, Sree joined with like minded devotees to help found VEDA. To this day, he is a regular volunteer at the temple and hopes to make VEDA's dream a reality- to build a temple for posterity. Sree has been a Seattle resident since 2007 and is experienced working with multiple other nonprofit organizations. He is working as a Senior leader in a software services company.

Panchapagesan C K (Panchap) Panchap is a board member since 2007
Krishnamoorthy Rengasamy (Krish) c2e

Krishnamoorthy Rengasamy has been volunteering for the last 10 years in various local organizations in the Eastside - VEDA, VCC, HTCC, Chinmaya Mission Seattle and Issaquah Citizen Corps. In addition to providing volunteer services in various operational activities, Krishnamoorthy has also served as Office Bearer in VEDA and Chinmaya Mission Seattle. He brings business and people management skills to VEDA in managing day to day temple operations while looking after financial matters as well. He is currently working as one of the executive leaders in one of the largest insurance software development and services companies in the world.

Kumarressen Kannadiapalayam (Kumar) c2e Kumar is a board member since 2011
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